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Our founder, Lee Teck Hiang is an Atelier trained creative and a teaching artist that has a passion for art. With over 14 years of experience, he has achieved numerous awards such as clinching Champion in the National Competition: City Colours by MICA Singapore and the M1 Book Prize Singapore. He has also gained notable awards in his career such as the NIE Best graduate Award, NAFA Best Graduate Award and obtained the Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship by the Ngee Ann Cultural Center in Singapore. Lee believes in the power of collaboration, good design, and the elevated experiences and relationships that comes from art.

Over the years, he has honed an established art style that blends classicism with contemporary realism. Lee has acquired the artistry to produce incredible works that depict accurate emotions and feelings while adopting naturalism seamlessly. As an experienced commissioned artist, he has done key momentous works for the Defense Minister Office in Singapore, the Founder of Jack Investment Han Chee Juan, and the Chief of 1st Commando Battalion.

Lee is enthusiastic to start a visual dialogue, have conversations with you and make something great together.

Our Studio

Each and every one of our artists has experience in the studio and also in the classroom environment. All of our selected teachers have acquired refined art techniques and also have exceptional teaching techniques as well. Studio rentals and educational programs are also available upon request with prior reservation. Please get in touch today to learn more about our offerings.

Our Mission

Developing Artists

The Art Bones is a catalyst for everyone to discover, create, and find the fun in art. At our core, we are a home for anyone who wants to discover their talents, hone their craft or showcase their work. We encourage all artistic expression over a variety of mediums so that you can unlock your creativity and express yourself fully. Our studio empowers artists and nurtures students with the space, training and tools needed to succeed. Together, we create a uniquely Singaporean style and ensure longevity in the art community and make magic by reinventing what's possible.

Our Values

Here at The Art Bones, these are the defining factors that drive our decisions and interactions. 

Boldness. The Art Bones embraces and encourages boundless creativity in all mediums. We advocate being adventurous, daring and fearless in your art. 

Authenticity. We handpick highly qualified trainers that are experts in the field to coach and develop budding artists. Our skilled educators have the experience and expertise in the industry to grow and develop your skills. 

Nurturing. We are committed to nurturing and cultivating aspiring artists from all walks of life, while shaping the dynamic art scene in Singapore. We believe in the lifelong learning joys in art and seek to provide that avenue of discovery for you. 

Quality. We pride ourselves in the premium products and professional studio tools used at The Art Bones. Our exceptional educators deliver quality lessons that are top-notch and industry standard so that you get only the best. 

Passion. Here at The Art Bones, we believe in the impactful purpose of art and are passionate about sharing that with you. We are dedicated to helping you find personal fulfilment in art and hope that your journey brings limitless inspiration, imagination and joy.

Heart. All of us at The Art Bones are deeply passionate about cultivating and developing the art community here in Singapore. We believe in making art accessible for everyone, and bringing like-minded art enthusiasts together through our studio, collective collaboration and partnerships.

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