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Our belief

Welcome to The Art Bones! We are a multi-user studio that loves to craft, collaborate, and create. We provide the space for artists and students of all ages to express their creativity through the play of art. As a community of artists, we are wildly passionate about nurturing the art scene of Singapore. The Art Bones is both a studio environment and exhibition space that encourages and inspires artistic growth. We believe that everyone has an artist inside them and we can't wait for you to find that artistic voice with us. We’re excited to make art accessible for everyone through our studio, education and community.

COVID-19 Safe Management Measures

Your safety is our priority. At TAB, we comply strictly with the national safe management measures:

- As we are only conducting masks on activities, all workshops resume as per normal and all participants must remain masked at all times, no snacking is allowed.
- All equipment and surfaces are washed and sanitized in between classes.
- Our studio is open air and well ventilated.


Pick from a myriad of courses created to inspire your journey in expressing yourself through art. We provide the space, tools, and exceptional education you need to spark artistic growth/ make personal, meaningful art.


Learn the core basic techniques of oil painting! Create beautiful portraits and your own masterpiece with the professional tools, fundamental processes and concepts of this course.


Develop your artistic expression and create your own piece, from sketch to finish. Be it landscapes, still life or portraits, learn key techniques and express yourself with this course.


Experience the joy of making your own 3D art work out of clay. Learn how to work with clay effectively with key techniques including pinching, coiling, and wheel throwing.


Express yourself through the 3D shapes and textures of sculpture. Create your own design as we teach you hand moulding, shaping, and mastering the techniques of freeform sculpting with clay.


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Dear valued customers, 

We wish to inform you that we are moving to a new location. We will update the site with our new location when it is ready! 

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